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Decorative Tin for DuPont Panchromatic Cine Film


DuPont Panchromatic Film Tin
Tin for DuPont 35mm Panchromatic Negative Film

When I purchased this film tin from an antiques dealer, she told me an interesting bit of photographic trivia:

Max Factor had developed a line of makeup for film stars that photographed well with the new panchromatic films. The makeup was in the form of a cake.  To name his new product he took the "pan" from panchromatic, added the word "cake" and coined the word pancake.

This is a great looking tin especially considering this product was probably sold to professional film studios.  I have never seen another tin for 35mm cine film as decorative as this one.  The graphic is of a city street at night with two motion picture house marquees prominently placed.  The film length is 401 feet, a standard size for cinematography.


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